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The Dude

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Yesterday and Today [Jun. 2nd, 2012|08:08 pm]
The Dude
Friday - Light Session
BB Curls 5/10/bar
Shrugs 185 x 20,20,30

Saturday - Big day
Bench 5 x 155, 5 x 180, 5 x 205

Friday went well enough, though my legs were still feeling like death from Wednesday's squats.  Saturday was awful, but I still got the minimum reps in.  I planned to deadlift but it wasn't happening.

Tried to get it in tonight, because schedule is pretty hectic for the first of the month.  7:30 at night, worked 10-6:30, first of the month ridiculously busy all day at work, only ate twice, not a great formula for getting big and strong.  But whatever, we'll see next week if this is going to be a pattern, or if this was just a bad day in the gym.

Going to make a huge bowl of pasta and a pound of ground beef and go to town.