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Press [Apr. 23rd, 2011|06:32 pm]
The Dude

Overhead Press 150
3/105, 3/120, 135 x 7
Overhead Press 5/10/65
CG Bench Press 4/12 worked up to 135
Pushdowns 4/12 worked up to 120
Chins 20 reps scattered these in between pressing sets

Seems like I'm getting back in the groove on the Press after losing some strength not lifting for three weeks.  I had an easy two more reps in the tank on that 135, so hopefully I can get a ramp it up to 140 for that same 7 reps next week.  Triceps are burning pretty well are hitting them with close grips and pushdowns.  Trying to keep up the motivation to work on my arms, but I always end up getting bored.  Also pretty happy to be back around 205-210.