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Sunday and Tuesday's Training - The Dude [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Sunday and Tuesday's Training [Apr. 19th, 2011|04:50 pm]
The Dude
[Tags|, ]


Squat 210
3/145, 3/175, 190 x 7

I called it a day after that.  These felt pretty good, and it seems like my strength is coming back pretty quickly. 


Bench 190
3/135, 3/155, 170 x 10
DB Incline Bench 4/12 worked up to 50s
EZ Bar Curls 4/12 worked up to 70
DB Hammer Curls 4/12

I'm on vacation this week, and all I'm doing is sitting at home, gaining weight and watching tons of Seinfeld re-runs, basketball playoffs, and watching the Mets early season downward spiral.  Best vacation ever.

So Erin and I have almost been dating for two years, and everyday seems easier than the last.  I know it seems pretty obvious, but I think people have to just find out what works for them, and date somebody they actually like.  I don't see the point of fighting in a relationship.  I hear people say all the time how you can't have a good relationship without fighting your problems out.  This is something I'll never understand.  There's so much stress in life, why would you want to voluntarily put yourself in a position where you have to endure more stress than is necessary?  Maybe people just think they can't have a relationship without all the BS.  In any event, it's so wonderful to have a relationship where you lay it all out there, and you two just get along.  It's been the most wonderful experience you could hope for.