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1/4/17 Bench/Back Work - The Dude [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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1/4/17 Bench/Back Work [Jan. 4th, 2017|11:18 pm]
The Dude
1. CG Bench 5x6, then 175x9, 155x16
2. Lat Pulldowns 85x12, 100x12, 115x12, 130x12, 145x10, 100x17
3. HS One Arm Rows 45x10, 70x10,10, 90x10
4. Rear Delt Machine 25x12,12,12,12

Didn't have much energy, likely from not drinking enough water and 11 hours of work, but I hit everything I needed to hit, and left some room for improvement next week.  Tomorrow off and with any luck, I won't be such a bitch when it comes to cardio tomorrow night.