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Big Session [May. 30th, 2012|05:07 pm]
The Dude
Squat 260
5/135, 5/170, 5/195, 5/220, 185 x 10
Incline Press 155
5/100, 5/115, 130 x 10

Squats felt better than they have in long, long time.  I was feeling really rejuvenated today for some reason.  Maybe it's the small sessions helping with recovery.  Maybe I've been eating more.  Or maybe it's just an anomaly and I'll be right back to sucking it up next time around.  Either way, after squatting 220 for 5, I thought I had only 7 in the tank for 185, but was able to grind out 10.  I need to be doing sets like these to really gain some quality muscle.  And I need to be just going for broke on these sets, just everything I have into them.  I'm only doing two lifts a day on my big days, so why not just pour everything into them rather than be a big vag and do less lifts and less weights?

Inclines felt really good, slowed down the negative and then exploded off the chest on these.  I've never pushed these before, and was loving doing the Presses, but I'll see where these take me for a while.  I do need to get my shoulders stronger and it wouldn't hurt to get some chest work in, too.

The rest of the week will probably look like this -- Thursday, morning cardio, Friday light session, day off/possible cardio Saturday night, and then another heavy day either Sunday/Monday depending on my schedule.