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1/4/17 Bench/Back Work [Jan. 4th, 2017|11:18 pm]
The Dude
1. CG Bench 5x6, then 175x9, 155x16
2. Lat Pulldowns 85x12, 100x12, 115x12, 130x12, 145x10, 100x17
3. HS One Arm Rows 45x10, 70x10,10, 90x10
4. Rear Delt Machine 25x12,12,12,12

Didn't have much energy, likely from not drinking enough water and 11 hours of work, but I hit everything I needed to hit, and left some room for improvement next week.  Tomorrow off and with any luck, I won't be such a bitch when it comes to cardio tomorrow night.
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PR day [Jun. 15th, 2012|03:59 pm]
The Dude
Friday's Training

Bench 240
5/180, 3/205, 230 x 1
Squat 260
5/195, 3/220, 245 x 1

Absolutely crushed the bench.  Figured it would be a struggle, came down and shot straight back up.  Could have easily had another one, but I didn't want to wear myself out before Squats.

Squats were a different story.  Everything felt heavy and tons of pain in my hips, felt like my technique was off, everything was just a mess.  But I still got the minimum reps in, and it was still a weight PR.  Not too bad.

Next cycle may be a different story, as I'll be squatting 255, and benching 235.  Still, things are definitely moving forward.  Moving more weight than I ever have before.  On the right track.
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Tuesday and Wednesday Sessions [Jun. 13th, 2012|04:33 pm]
The Dude
Little Session

EZ Bar Curls  - 40LB X 40 reps
EZ Bar Tri Extensions 40LB X 5 X 20

That was it, pretty good day though I was exhausted from waking up at 4am two days in a row for work.  So happy I don't have to go in that early anymore.  It was followed up by 14 hours of sleep though.

Big Session
TB Deadlift 390
5/295, 3/330, 370 x 1
Incline Press 160
5/120, 3/135, 150 x 8

These deadlifts were awful.  This was a terrible day in the gym for me, but 370 is still the most I've ever deadlifted for one rep.  Going forward, but everything felt so heavy, from the first warmup to that last, gut wrenching rep.  The Incline Presses felt really good and clean, and probably could've had 10 on that last set, but cut it short. 

Upper body lifts haven't really ever felt this good, clean, and strong.  Making some good progress on all of them, even on a bad day.
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Last Three days of lifting [Jun. 9th, 2012|05:35 pm]
The Dude

Deadlift 380
3/275, 3/315, 350 x 3

Incline Press 160
3/105, 3/130, 145 x 10

Wow.  So didn't have anything in the tank today.  Kinda funny how most of the time I lift better after a full day of work than on a day off.  Had bad acid reflux so deadlifts felt awful.  Was happy to get the Incline Presses in.  I've never pushed that lift before, it feels like it's doing something major for my shoulders, so we'll see where it goes.

EZ bar Curls 120 reps
Upright Rows 120 reps

Love these light days.  No coffee needed, they spike my appetite, and they don't wear me down.  I think if I could get 2-3 light sessions in a week, and 2 big sessions in, I'd be well on my way to filling out my frame.


Bench 240
3/170, 3/190, 215 x 3, 165 x 8

Squats 260
3/185, 3/210, 235 x 3

Benched for the first time today with a false grip, I kinda like it, going to take some getting used to though, bench felt really good.  I could've pushed the max reps on 165, but I knew I still had to squat, so I didn't want to overdo it and have nothing left in the tank.

Squats started out with bad hip pain, but on the last couple of sets, I focused on just pushing my hips back and falling down into the hole, and they were ultra smooth.  235 x 3 felt REAL light.  Could've had at least 5-6 on this.  Squats are climbing nicely, and 250 for reps is right around the corner.  This wasn't a PR, but it could've been had I pushed the reps.  These felt pain free and easy.

Here's what I was thinking, by the end of the summer, let's say September 1st, I want all of these to happen..
Bench 230 for 2
Squat 250 x 5
TB Deads 400 x 1
Incline Press 185 x 1

My lifts are all at all-time highs right now,  Just have to keep pushing for more, a rep here, 5Lb there, it's all going to add up over time.
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Yesterday and Today [Jun. 2nd, 2012|08:08 pm]
The Dude
Friday - Light Session
BB Curls 5/10/bar
Shrugs 185 x 20,20,30

Saturday - Big day
Bench 5 x 155, 5 x 180, 5 x 205

Friday went well enough, though my legs were still feeling like death from Wednesday's squats.  Saturday was awful, but I still got the minimum reps in.  I planned to deadlift but it wasn't happening.

Tried to get it in tonight, because schedule is pretty hectic for the first of the month.  7:30 at night, worked 10-6:30, first of the month ridiculously busy all day at work, only ate twice, not a great formula for getting big and strong.  But whatever, we'll see next week if this is going to be a pattern, or if this was just a bad day in the gym.

Going to make a huge bowl of pasta and a pound of ground beef and go to town. 
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Big Session [May. 30th, 2012|05:07 pm]
The Dude
Squat 260
5/135, 5/170, 5/195, 5/220, 185 x 10
Incline Press 155
5/100, 5/115, 130 x 10

Squats felt better than they have in long, long time.  I was feeling really rejuvenated today for some reason.  Maybe it's the small sessions helping with recovery.  Maybe I've been eating more.  Or maybe it's just an anomaly and I'll be right back to sucking it up next time around.  Either way, after squatting 220 for 5, I thought I had only 7 in the tank for 185, but was able to grind out 10.  I need to be doing sets like these to really gain some quality muscle.  And I need to be just going for broke on these sets, just everything I have into them.  I'm only doing two lifts a day on my big days, so why not just pour everything into them rather than be a big vag and do less lifts and less weights?

Inclines felt really good, slowed down the negative and then exploded off the chest on these.  I've never pushed these before, and was loving doing the Presses, but I'll see where these take me for a while.  I do need to get my shoulders stronger and it wouldn't hurt to get some chest work in, too.

The rest of the week will probably look like this -- Thursday, morning cardio, Friday light session, day off/possible cardio Saturday night, and then another heavy day either Sunday/Monday depending on my schedule.
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Small Session [May. 29th, 2012|07:20 pm]
The Dude
Curls 5/10
Side Raises 5/12
Front Raises 5/12

Today was ridiculously hot, I still should have gotten some conditioning in though.  Need to stop vagging it up with that.

I've been realizing lately that I need to be doing a lot more bodybuilding lifting to put some muscle on.  I'm not saying I'm going to take a break from heavy lifting, because all my core lifts are at all-time highs right now, but just getting a little stronger every week at the main lifts isn't going to bring me where I need to be.  

More reps, more emphasis on the muscle, and less on just moving the weight, especially outside of main movements.  If I can get two big sessions and two small sessions in every week with a couple days of conditioning work, I think that'd bring me to the next level.

Realistically though, things aren't too bad. 

Squat - 240 for 3 the other day ties a personal best.  275 is right around the corner.
Bench 225 for 1, just missed two on these.  Ties a personal best, and this was using a close grip vs the wider grip I used to use.
Trap Bar Deadlift 360 for 2 - Best deadlift ever.  Thinking about moving back to conventional style though, these are pretty easy most of the time.

I don't want to change everything all at once, because why change it when I'm making so much progress in the gym and things are actually working?  I think what I'd like to do is build up to a max on 5/3/1 lifts like I've been doing, then drop the weight and rep out after the main lift is over.  With that squat, I could do 185 for 12-15 after the main lift is over.

Bottom line, I need to be working harder on the rep work to add mass.  And without a doubt eating more, lots of work to do this summer.
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6/28 Assistance Day [Jun. 29th, 2011|12:21 pm]
The Dude
Been just messing around with the idea of throwing in a fourth day during the week, just for upper body assistance work, like a meathead bodybuilding kind of day where I just throw a lot of high volume work in there for things like upper back, arms, and shoulders.

So this is what I did yesterday.


CG Bench Press worked up to 155 for 10
BB Curls worked up to 105 for 5
Tricep Pushdowns worked up to 90 for 10

Nothing too crazy here, and nothing that's really going to affect my CNS too much, just something to get a little more volume in.

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Press [Apr. 23rd, 2011|06:32 pm]
The Dude

Overhead Press 150
3/105, 3/120, 135 x 7
Overhead Press 5/10/65
CG Bench Press 4/12 worked up to 135
Pushdowns 4/12 worked up to 120
Chins 20 reps scattered these in between pressing sets

Seems like I'm getting back in the groove on the Press after losing some strength not lifting for three weeks.  I had an easy two more reps in the tank on that 135, so hopefully I can get a ramp it up to 140 for that same 7 reps next week.  Triceps are burning pretty well are hitting them with close grips and pushdowns.  Trying to keep up the motivation to work on my arms, but I always end up getting bored.  Also pretty happy to be back around 205-210.
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4/22 Deadlift [Apr. 22nd, 2011|04:55 pm]
The Dude
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Deadlift 270
3/190, 3/215, 245 x 7
DB Rows 4/12/50s
BB Shrugs 4/12 worked up to 225

These felt pretty good, trying to work on my back a lot more, and this was a step in the right direction. 

I saw a girl doing light squats in a Smith Machine while carrying on a conversation on a bluetooth.  Not all technology should be embraced.
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